"We can move a lot of stuff in a 17 foot box truck, in fact when carefully packed with moving blankets, we equal the loosely packed 26' other moving companies use. If not all fits and the distance between locations is short, we often do two trucks at discount. Either way our customers are getting an affordable move at 1/3 the cost!" -Aaron

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how does 5 star ratings on both superpages.com and yelp.com sound? this means that 100% of the people (who felt the need to reward us with a rating) were 100% satisfied. THANK YOU! :)

OUT of work stay home dad

Aaron was an out of work IT professional and stay at home dad soon after 9.11.01. During nap time he marketed  rain barrels, Aaron's Rain Barrels became a leader in this hand crafted product. He also developed an affordable moving solution for people struggling to pay their bills. In 2005 "2 men and a truck" moves became extremely popular on Craigslist and other places people go looking for a deal.